Återskall / Again Bark


Återskall / Again Bark  is an anthology with texts and images that respond to, or go into dialogue with, Det kommande skallet / The Coming Shall  from 2017, serving as a critical examination of the research from within the artistic field, as well as a sprawling continuation. 
Contributions by artists, writers and designers: Ida Linde, Johan Sandberg McGuinne, Marie Silkeberg, Martin Högström, Jennifer Hayashida, Katarina Pirak Sikku, Minia Biabiany, Mara Lee, Malin Nord, Corrine Fitzpatrick, Sara Kaaman, and Fredrik Nyberg. Preface by Helena Fagertun. 

Year: 2020

Language: English and Swedish
Graphic design: Beast Studio (in response to Sara Kaaman's design of Det kommande skallet / The Coming Shall

Print: Beast Studio

ISBN: 978-91-519-3877-6
Funded by The Swedish Research Council