All Stains Fade

Dyes / Writings 2014 –

All Stains Fade is an ongoing inquiry into the borders between dyeing and writing. Considering the dyes as works in which the world writes itself, questions regarding language, agency, and power come into play. And through the gradual becoming of the works, as well as the varied pace of the decay of their different elements, so do questions regarding time and change. Thus, All Stains Fade unfolds in the space between performance and image, writing and dyeing; it is a recognition of the ephemeral nature of anything that might be considered sustainable, and a continuously played out pun on dyeing and dying.

Above to the left: The Portal, Ahimsa silk dyed with walnut, st. johns wort, avocado, dried up old felt tip pen and iron, mounted on mdf, 100x150 cm.
Above to the right: Documentation from performance Spår fläckar fläckar spår, Röstånga konsthall, 2022. Photo by Andreas Kurtsson.
Below: Documentation from the exhibition All Stains Fade, Röstånga konsthall, 2022.