I RUINER [IN RUIN] was first written for the magazine Tydningen, for their issue "Ark." For this issue writers were invited to work in relation to the entire sheet of paper to be printed (480 x 680 mm). The sheet was not to be cut, but kept intact after printing and folded into sections (170 x 240 mm). I RUINER is a written triangle and composed to play out on  four of these sections. Simultaneously apocalyptic and utopian, I RUINER emanates from and refers back to Patriarchy is Already a Ruin and has also continued on into All Stains Fade.

Above to the left is the text I RUINER, as it was first written.
Below to the left is a handwritten/walnut and ink dyed version of the text, documentation from the exhibition All Stains Fade, at Röstånga konsthall, 2021. 
Above to the right is a risograph print combining the first version and the handwritten/walnut and ink dyed version of the text.
Below to the right is I RUINER as part of the Tydningen issue "Ark," here including my own notes for the reading of the text during the release.