Imri Sandström is an artist, writer, researcher, and teacher. Born in the north of Sweden she now resides in the countryside in the south, where she makes art, chops wood, and teaches online. Informed by feminist and decolonial thinking and practice, she is invested in issues regarding sound, language and history. The spring 2019 she earned her doctoral degree in literary composition from The Valand Academy, Gothenburg University. The thesis Tvärsöver otysta tider / Across Unquiet Times concerns the literary languages and settler colonial histories of the regions Västerbotten in northern Sweden and New England, north-eastern USA, as read through works of poet and literary theorist Susan Howe.

PhD, University of Gothenburg (2019).
MFA in Sound Art, Dramatiska institutet, Stockholm (2011).
Nordplus exchange program, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, Copenhagen (2006-2007).
BFA & MFA, The Academy of Fine Art, Umeå University (2008).