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My book of poems HELA TIDEN is here! Get it through your local library, book shop, or online at Ellerström's Publishing House

The Weave Reader, 2022

My card game The Weave Reader is now for sale online at Science fiction-bokhandeln and at World of Boardgames!

UMEQUEER is a banner and a performance, it is a map and a script weaving queer memories from Umeå. The work is a celebration of the queer community that over time has populated the city—its connections, its idiosyncrasies, and its ever-growing ever-changing paths.
Release at Weld, 2022, 20/2, 6-9 PM


The new issue of the magazine Fronesis is out! In it you find my contribution "Skapelsens kr.," an elaborated version of my dissertation chapter "Kronotropen / The Crown Trope." Skapelsens kr. is a cross-reading of Mikhail Bakhtin's literary concept chronotope and the Swedish settler-colonial "crown-crofts" (kronotorp). The magazine issue is themed "property," and can be ordered here.


The publication Återskall / Again Bark is finally here! Contributions by artists, writers and designers: Ida Linde, Johan Sandberg McGuinne, Marie Silkeberg, Martin Högström, Jennifer Hayashida, Katarina Pirak Sikku, Minia Biabiany, Mara Lee, Malin Nord, Corrine Fitzpatrick, Sara Kaaman and Fredrik Nyberg. Preface by Helena Fagertun. Graphic design and risograph print by Beast studio. NB Due to the Corona-Covid pandemic the release for the publication has been postponed. Stay tuned for further info.

FEMINIST HISTORIES, 2019 23/8-17/11  

 Judith Slaying Holofernes will be shown as part of the exhibition Feminist Histories at The São Paulo Museum of Art. "The exhibition will be divided into two broad sections. The first, Histories of women, includes works from several regions, styles and pictorial genres, from the 16th to the late 19th century, including portraits, still lifes and landscapes, aside from historical and religious scenes. As dialogue and counterpoint, feminist histories will bring together artists from different nationalities who are working in the 21st century with feminist ideas or in response to them. The exhibition will be organized around thematic axes with works of different techniques that attempt try to cast a critical eye on the history of women and feminisms themselves, reflecting on future and imaginary projects that contemporary feminism proposes." (MASP)
MASP, The São Paulo Museum of Art, Brazil.

DEFENSE, 2019 3/5 , 1 PM

Welcome to the defense of the dissertation Tvärsöver otysta tider / Across Unquiet Times.

The defense will take place in the glasshouse at The Valand Academy’s courtyard (entrance Chalmersgatan 4), Gothenburg. The literary theorist Amelie Björck will serve as opponent and the poet Fredrik Nyberg will moderate.

The ritual nailing of the thesis Tvärsöver otysta tider / Across Unquiet Times, Gothenburg 2019