Det kommande skallet / The Coming Shall

Det kommande skallet / The Coming Shall

Det kommande skallet / The Coming Shall is a publication consisting of a box containing 10 books, one poster and one index card. It is a part of the artistic research project Howe Across Reading: Performing the Past, which investigates into aspects of the histories and languages of the regions Västerbotten and New England, through writings of poet and literary scholar Susan Howe. The publication collects different parts of the—at the time of publishing—ongoing research. It is a selection of cross-readings, with specific regard to translational writing across Swedish and English and the sound and performance of text as well as the act of writing. Through this work hopes to unsettle seemingly settled colonial historical and current languages and narratives arise. Concepts such as “unsettling” and “diffraction” are payed specific attention. How color arises within the research is dealt with in one book, and another book is dedicated to listening and the materialities of working with historical material in archives. The practice of the research, which takes place in an intra-play of digital-, print- and live performance-formats, is contemplated within the relations and connections between the parts of the publication. There is a focus on division, connectivity and iteration within both the form and themes of the publication as well as the research as a whole.

A digital version of Det kommande skallet / The Coming Shall can be downloaded here.

Year: 2017

Language: English and Swedish

Translations: Imri Sandström
English language consulting and text editing: Corrine Fitzpatrick
Graphic design: Sara Kaaman

ISBN: 9789198403701

Published by Autor.